You are driving along and suddenly, another driver slams their car into yours. You know immediately that you have been injured because of the pain you feel and you seek medical attention as soon as possible. As you are sitting in the emergency room thinking about the cost of treating your injuries, it may cross your mind that you want to “take that driver to court.”

While people commonly think about a court case following a car accident, the majority of personal injury cases never see the inside of a courtroom—especially claims arising from car accidents in Florida. An experienced attorney can discuss your options for seeking compensation after a crash based on your specific circumstances.

PIP Insurance Claims
Florida has specific laws regarding auto insurance that require each driver to have personal injury protection (PIP) coverage. This coverage is meant to provide payments for medical bills and other injury-related expenses whether or not another person caused your accident. While you may want to go after the other driver and hold them accountable, many cases are resolved through your own insurer.

Even though you may believe you can handle an insurance claim with your own policy, it is important to consult with a car accident attorney for help throughout the claim process. Too many PIP insurers offer settlements that are highly inadequate to cover your losses. Many injured people accept low offers because they may not realize the true value of their claim or they may not know that they have the option to negotiate. An attorney can ensure that you do not accept an offer that is too low and, therefore, give up your right to any future compensation.

The Litigation Process
If your injuries are serious enough, a PIP claim will likely not cover your losses and the law may allow you to pursue compensation directly from the other driver by filing a personal injury lawsuit in civil court. However, just because you file a lawsuit does not mean your case will make it to trial in court. Instead, a skilled car accident attorney can engage in settlement negotiations with the other driver and their insurer to reach a favorable agreement without the need for a trial.

Settlement negotiations can continue throughout the entire litigation process and you can use evidence gathered to prove that you have a strong case and persuade the other party to make a suitable offer. Obtaining a settlement offer can save you the time, stress, and cost that trial may require. However, if the other party refuses to make an adequate offer, you need an attorney who is not hesitant to take your case all the way into the courtroom.

Discuss Your Rights with a St. Petersburg Car Accident Lawyer Today

At the law firm of Berkowitz & Myer, we know how to skillfully handle insurance claims and all stages of personal injury litigation – including settlement negotiations and trial if needed. To learn more about how we can help you, please call a car accident lawyer in St. Petersburg at 727-344-0123 for a free consultation.

We understand that good comprehensive representation is achieved by focusing on specific areas of law and developing an excellent track record of successful litigation for their clients. Small private practice law firms can provide the personal assurance that many large firms cannot, and all litigants deserve honest legal evaluation of any potential claim. 

The real legal issue in all cases big and small is equitable results and protection of individual legal rights, and Jesse Berkowitz and his team protects their clients aggressively. Although Florida does not certify attorneys as specialists, attorneys still understand the importance of concentrated representation in specific legal fields. At Berkowitz & Myer those areas are highlighted below. 

Having a solid Florida bankruptcy attorney can make the difference in future credit maintenance, which is essential in the current economy for purchasing any major asset. With the Berkowitz & Myer, you can count on the most effective chapter filing.

Christian Myer and the attorneys at Berkowitz & Myer focus on comprehensive personal injury case settlements for all clients, and will be willing to take a case to trial if the punitive damage potential is not included in an equitable settlement. Having us as legal representation can ensure those settlements are pursued aggressively.

Protecting a personal dwelling is worked into the rules and regulations, as many creditors are willing to restructure any loan that will still be paid off in a legal agreement, including possible refinancing. Sometimes even a second home can be protected when the cash flow of the filer is sufficient to meet the payment schedule. Having Berkowitz & Myer as your bankruptcy attorney can also mean protecting your home and other property effectively, including rental property.

Continual pressure from creditors will not be allowed when Berkowitz & Myer represents your bankruptcy, and they can also help when the calls become abusive.


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